Welcome to Rosehill

Our Mission

To design beautiful, welcoming spaces for beautiful, busy lives.

Our superpowers include infusing seamless function into everything, untangling complicated construction plans, prioritizing the right things in the right order, and creating homes where families thrive.

And of course, stunning outcomes—but that goes without saying.

Meet Amy

Design has always been my north star, but my business acumen comes from a background in management consulting, talent strategy, and solving problems for CEOs.

Amy Fischer Rosehill Design Studio

My portfolio showcases all the stunning outcomes, but what you don’t see is how I’ll run your project with executive-level collaboration and communication.

Three Unexpected Things I Learned in Corporate America

01. Delicious Plans are Nothing Without Bland Logistics

I saw it a thousand times, all the right creative minds in a working session focused on an incredible, groundbreaking goal—but if no one was taking notes and assigning action items, did the meeting really happen? Let’s face it, we’d all rather do the fun part—and with interior design, there are so many fun parts!—but without structure, spreadsheets, systems, and some good old-fashioned email recaps, beautiful ideas become spectacular disasters. So, I learned to live for the upfront set-up by establishing repeatable processes and creating predictability for my clients so everyone knows what happens next and why. Process, documentation, and clear deliverables—these are the boring details that enable clients to enjoy the journey and eliminate any guesswork along the way.

02. Great Process Cannot Exist in a Vacuum

Communication will make or break a project. A top industry professional could be making absolute magic, but if the work happens in a silo the rest of the team is left at sea. It was shocking to learn how much clear, regular communication mattered. Taking pause to explain the context of a next step, share a game plan with an expert for feedback, or simply outline the essential priorities, actions, and deadlines sounds so easy—but in the middle of a challenging process, it can get lost. Once I mastered how to keep the right communication channels open I saw an immediate impact on how things came to life.

03. Relationships are the Foundation

We are truly defined by the company we keep. So, I learned to keep good company. I invest in building strong relationships, founded on trust, emotional intelligence, and a shared dedication to exceeding best-in-class expectations. When you surround yourself with excellence you bring next-level harmony to any project.

“Amy is very diplomatic, respectful of your budget, and clear that you can get a very high-end
look with no strong upsell.”

—S. / Arlington, VA