When is the right time to bring in a designer?

The sooner the better! Not only can we help you review plans, make selections, and plan your room designs but our pre-construction services help you imagine and plan for the possible.

How much does it cost?

We provide a flat fee for our designs. This means you will know up front the cost for the design work—no guessing or worrying you will be sent an unexpected bill. Design fees vary across projects, based on complexity and type of project.

Do you only work in a certain style or aesthetic?

We work in a verity of styles to meet our clients specific needs. We are always looking to be timeless and not overly trendy so that you are happy with your space for years to come. We love to mix traditional and modern elements to create a styled look that will stand the test of time. Please take our style quiz to help determine your family’s design style.

Do we have to provide our own contractor or will you recommend someone?

Selecting a contractor is a very important decision and one that we ultimately always leave to our clients. We are more than happy to make recommendations – but ultimately the choice is always yours in who is hired to work on your home.

How is the supply chain? Are there still issues?

The supply chain issues from the past few years are getting better, but not back to what they were before COVID. We always look at estimated lead times and share them with our clients. We will keep you updated throughout the ordering process and you will always know the status.

How will we stay in touch and know what’s happening?

In addition to our scheduled deliverable reviews you will receive weekly status updates via email. Our weekly status emails are a great way to track progress and capture key questions and decisions. We are also open Monday – Friday and always available for questions via email or phone.